Thursday, March 4, 2010

creative work.

As we take a step away from traditional values and towards the futuristic advances of our society, the origin of all inorganic creation is seemingly forgotten. The two sculptures I completed as my body of work serves as a reminder of how each unique invention began with an idea which was moulded and shaped through the meticulous work of one’s hands. Simultaneously, it attempts to portray the power of the imagination within humanity in creating expressions of beauty, such as architecture and music. My work was classified in the postmodern frame because of the techniques I used. This artwork represents how men’s greatest achievements have been able to portray the progression of humanity. The hands are a commonality in the two artworks, symbolizing the simple foundations in which architecture and music have stemmed from. By using the artform of ceramics, I personified how hands are the fundamental ingredient in the execution of any masterpiece.

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