Tuesday, June 15, 2010

five images of my final submission.

The colours and textures used in this model attempt to reflect the personality and power roles of the two clients. The red components above Kerr's workspace reflects her attention-drawing personality and beauty. The hand-drawn textures are representative of the stylistic nature of Kerr and the adaptability of Keller.

The terrain surrounding my building was inspired by Death Valley found in America. The road amongst the valley is used in close proximities to my model and meeting space to highlight the journey of the women’s growth. I attempted to combine some of the most interesting forms and features of the Death Valley and tried to capture its atmosphere.

The columns used reflect not only the Buddhist culture of Kerr, but also the strength of the two powerful women. Although they have different power roles, they are equally important and relevant to the contemporary society, regardless of their original context.

This elevator was designed particularly for Keller. Consequently, its design is less focused on extravagances, but relatively simple. The base however, is circular, evolving gradually from the unique shape of the surface, demonstrating Keller’s ability to adapt. The elevator moves relatively slowly in order to provide her with a sense of ease before she enters the meeting space or returns to her workspace.

The meeting space was formed through the interplay of many manipulated “E” shapes. The comb-like component allows for interesting shadows to be formed, alluding to Keller’s adaptability. The “E” placed on the side of the meeting space demonstrates the dependency of the two women in their business despite their powerful role in society. The dining table and chairs also reflect their power roles.

to work the elevators,
use "v" and "n" for the elevator in the middle of the bridge
use "h" and "T" for Kerr's elevator
use "o" and "p" for Keller's elevator

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