Thursday, October 28, 2010

final submission of a3 drawings.

I lost my teacup drawings the day before submission, and therefore, only managed to do the very basic teacups again, without much rendering and no time to do my still-life. I wanted to focus majority of my time on the rose seidler house submission as that seemed more important than an in-class task.
I did the first take home task of my bedroom, and did several perspectie/detailed drawings of parts of it. These are not to scale, but my plan and section are.

I felt i struggled a bit during the second in-class task. My drawings are usually more fluid, and hence, I can seem to correct my mistakes as i go along. However, this task demanded less fluidity, and more accuracy.

These two perspective drawings were the take home task for week 2. The one directly below is the two point, with one point at the very top (off the page) and one in the middle underneath the sun dial.
The next one is my one point, with my point somehwere at the end of the main walkway.

Putting the Rose Seidler House into the Scientia Lawn was difficult in perspective as most of it had to be done by eye rather than calculations. The ramp was by far, the most difficult part.

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