Sunday, October 17, 2010

photos from the rose seidler house.

The Sunday i went to visit the Rose Seidler House, there was a wedding reception going on at the house. As much as i wanted to take some photos from the front, I felt it slightly rude if i were to interrupt the wedding reception for my photos. But i figured there were probably enough on the net anyway. So instead, i took plenty of photos of the interior and other exterior areas of the house.

The things I found the most interesting about the house include:

--> the lack of doors on the interior of the house- As a result of the lack of doors, everything (besides the bathroom) is physically connected to each other.

--> window framing- each window seemed to have been designed with the view in mind. Each window was the perfect size to frame a particular view of the surrounding landscape.

-->the number of windows - every room has a view of the bushland!

--> divided zones- the house was divided into two zones: living and public, and sleeping and private

--> powerpoints- their powerpoints were upside down with the singular dash of the three dashes pointing vertically at the top and the two slanted ones at the bottom!.

--> manmade vs. natural - the rectillinear form of the house contrasts against the natural environment causing tension

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